What is an Escape the Room game?

Can you escape from an escape room before time runs out?
Escape Rooms are basically a game where you enter as a couple or group into an area (usually some sort of a room) and you have limited time (usually 60 minutes) to find your way out of it by solving riddles and puzzles.
Our escape rooms are a bit different than usual. You do not have to run away from the room, you are here to experience a different experience, you will go on a mission and you have to complete it in order to escape the room.
To complete the task you must work together in cooperation, if you are a couple or if you are a group of friends or family. You will need to sharpen the communication between you, strengthen your confidence in the group.
Our escape rooms are suitable for all ages, families, co-workers, friends and couples on a date!
good luck!
Who is it for ?







Team building


2-6 Participants
2-6 Participants


Frequently Asked Questions about Enigmatic Escape Room

How much fun is it to play an escape the room game?

It is great fun! The phenomenon of escape rooms has conquered the world and we are happy to take part in this world.

Who is best suited to play in escape rooms?

Our rooms are suitable for everyone, anyone who likes challenges and loves to enjoy playing with friends and family.

Do you need to know languages?

Beyond basic English you do not have to be a linguist.

And if I'm claustrophobic or just afraid of cramped rooms?

There is nothing to fear, our rooms are large and spacious enough. If you still experience an unpleasant feeling, just ask and the game master and he or she will take you out of the escape room immediately.

Is it possible to play alone, without people?

Escape rooms are designed for at least two players. So if you do not have anyone to come with, please let us know and we will set you up with an appropriate team.

What happens if you get stuck in a riddle or part of an escape room?

There's nothing to fear, your time will not be wasted on one puzzle. At each stage you can ask for hints and help from the game master who will be happy to give you the required guidance.

How can I order escape rooms and how do I pay?

Very simple click here to choose a room or call: 054-3315338
Payment is made via cash or credit.

Is there a limit to the number of players?

Our escape rooms are for groups of 2 to 6 players of all ages (7 players possible).

If you need to change the time of the invitation, what do you do?

No problem, just call us and we will return the order. Phone number: 054-3315338

When should we arrive? How long did the visit last in an escape room?

We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before booking. This way you can enjoy our sweets and drinks in the waiting room and receive initial tutorial before entering the escape room. The time spent in Enigatic's escape room is usually between one and an hour and a half. This gives you time to organize, play and have a pleasant conversation with the game master.

What to wear? What to bring?

Good mood and comfortable clothes. There is no need to dress in a special way, but you are invited to come dressed as detectives.

What is the address of the Kohinoor Escape Room?

Kohinoor Escape Room address: 58 Moriah Boulevard, Haifa. Enigmatic can be found on Waze. We are located in the building of Cafe Louise. Finding us is not part of the riddles.

What is the address of the Back to the Future Escape Room?

Back to the Future Escape Room address: Khalutzei HaTa'a'ssiya 10, Haifa. Finding us is not part of the riddles.

How do I get to Kohinoor escape room in Haifa?

By car (free parking in the streets around our building), by public transport (bus lines: 132,133,136,37) or by foot.

How do I get to Back to the Future escape room in Haifa?

By car (free parking in the streets adjacent to the building), by public transportation (Matronit lines: 1,2) or by foot. 

Is there anything else to know?

We hope we answered all the questions. But if there is any other question, please feel free to contact us through the contact page. contact us through the contact page.


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